Why create a website and how it will sustain you?

Importance of website and how it will sustain you

Today we will learn how a website is working for you. The reason why you should start a website to make money. Why create a website and how it will sustain you? The importance of a website and how it will sustain you. And what are the source of income from the website?

Many people avoid or hesitate to create their own website, only because they thought it’s hard. There is no other thing as easy to create a website. I found many of us would like to do something new, but don’t dare to START. Having Your Own Website Will Feel You Like Self Dependence. Never Missed This Opportunity In Your Life.

4 reasons why you should have your own website

1. Very Low Startup Cost.

The main reason you should have the website because it’s having a very low startup cost. Which can start your business. It also carries your business online. The traffic source is online and all over the world. You need not have to depend on the local market. You have already established an international market through your article. This is highly recommended to startup your website due to its low-cost budget. The major things required to start a website are 1. Domain and 2. Hosting with free SSL certificate. The best recommendable sites for domain and hosting are Hostinger, Big Rock, and GoDaddy.

2. People Can Visit While You Are Sleeping.

The best reason a person should have their website. The website is continuously working for you 24 x 7 and 365 days 6 hours. And it’s earned for you while you are sleeping. You may have a fixed time for investment on your website, but the website will give you every second to build your business. Being having a website is like a land that gives you earnings throughout the year. There is no other scope of earning while you are sleeping is to work online. Hope you will start the website very soon.

3. Automate Most Of The Work.

The third reason it’s worked automatically for you. Once you post your article with the help of the best SEO analysis and perfectly research KEYWORD. Your website article will rank on the website automatically and consistently because of your SEO and keyword. No need to worry about traffic, if you have already done a good SEO. The importance of good SEO in a website will SUSTAIN YOU.

4. Work From Anywhere.

The website needs no specific place, you can work from any corner of the world without any obstacle. You can continue your earning, even in a pandemic situation like COVID-19. The only thing you need a PC or laptop or mobile with a stable internet connection. Due to a deadly pandemic, you may have to experience the bad side effect of losing jobs around the world. Therefore, a website-like friendly job always is with you which will sustain you with a strong financial hold.

The Purpose of this image is to encourage the reader about the Importance of website and how it will sustain you benefit of self created website.

Having Your Own Website Will Feel You Like Self Dependence. Never Missed This Opportunity In Your Life.

Sayantan Dey

Why create a website and how it will sustain you?

What Are The Income Source From One Website?

Carry Your Any Business Online :

You can carry your business online through the website, which will give the title of the brand to your business. Website is of utmost necessity in the 21st century to advertise and promote your own brand. It will boost your business scale to a higher level. It has been analyzing that by 2021 the number of internet users worldwide will drastically increase. Nowadays every eye is on mobile for any current affairs. People are self-aware through mobile and the internet. Hence to create your business awareness you need a website.

Sale of product directly :

Direct selling is one of the most important parts of creating a website. It will help you to sell your product directly to customers through your website. If you are having some business of any product you can sell it on the local market as well as the whole world. If you still don’t have any product with you don’t worry there are many ways how to income from the website.

Sale of service like consulting.

The third income source is to sell the service. Through the website, you can create your profile in which area you are specializing to provide service. Many freelancers have introduced themselves to specializing in consulting services to their clients because many small-scale businesses prefer freelancing. Hence, selling your service with a website will be helpful to you globally. The best site for freelancers is Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer.

Advertising on your website.

Advertising is the best and main part of creating any website. It is always analyzed that your website article will rank within or after 6 months. While creating a website, one must have patience and maintain consistency. Once your website starts ranking, you can apply for Google Ad-sense to monetize your website. For generating extra income, there are many alternate Google Ad-sense advertiser which will monetize your website.

Direct advertising with fixed income.

Once you generate heavy traffic on your website, you are a king. You can directly advertise some of the big products on your website with a fixed income due to heavy traffic on your website. Your website traffic must have a major audience as per the Niche you have decided on. There is always an eye for most big companies on the website with heavy traffic. They may directly approach you, to advertise their product through your website, which you can charge as per your rate. On the other hand, you can also approach a promoter to advertise their product to finalize the deal.

Keyword link #Viglink :

You can advertise your article through keyword links like VigLink (Currently: Sovrn //Commerce). In which you can select those words which you like to redirect those links to the website where you want to understand your article broadly. Through this link, you can earn a lot of money, as they redirect the link to the main website through Viglinks, which automatically generates income through traffic. Of which there are sharing some amount which was recorded in the deal.

Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best income sources through websites. It is very easy to advertise through affiliate marketing websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. In this, you can share various sources like banners in HTML code, links, search widgets on your website. Once your visitor clicks any of the links and purchases any product within 48 hours, it will pay you a commission as per tariff. By affiliate marketing, you can earn from globally because of a website.

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Membership Website

This website creates a membership website they spend a lot of money to create the website which will charge membership costs from the visitor. This website shares much crucial information, having a strong forum, where people discussed and solve their major problems. As a result of heavy traffic, they have to charge the visitor for the service they are providing. The best example is Quora.com.

Website Donation

There are many websites that do not entitle any advertisement in their website but create much information for a lifetime. Most people visit this website because they trust their information to be genuine. Such a website shares such a piece of trusted information, as a result, people love to visit multiple times. But still, this kind of website earns through good donations from the public around the world. The best example of such a website is “Wikipidea.com”.

Sell The Website. (Not Recommended)

Once you purchase the website, is equivalent to land. Website is not a cheap thing. Once you develop and generate organic traffic to your website, its cost will astonish you. Website selling costs are more than its purchase cost. I highly recommend you never sell your website because it gives you regular earning, which you are sustaining now. By one website I rather recommended to branch out like Google. You must know the importance of a website and how it has sustained you.


The website will be like one of your family members, which you will understand very well after maintaining patience and consistency. Always remember, content is the king. Serving the best article with keyword research and good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will make you successful in the field of website and online business. The importance of a website and how it will sustain you, always be a good learner and analyzer.

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