Infosys bonus share history

Infosys bonus share history

The above video is the explanation of twenty years of Infosys Limited growth and giving bumper returns to its shareholders. Infosys bonus share history will be cover with details accurate data. You can understand clearly how Rs. 15,000 became Rs. 5.4 Crore in just a span of 20 years with Rs. 51 Lakhs dividend payout. Infosys Limited is the favorite stock of every Indian. It is the king of long-term investment.

Learn the strategy of financial planning shown in the video with a table of data content. In long-term investment planning, your patients will earn for you to live a life of financial freedom.

Infosys Limited is an IT sector company having its 50+ branches all over the world. It is listed both in NSE and BSE with the Indian Stock market. It comes under Large Cap with a capital amount of Rs. 7,16,000 Crore. The stock has listed in the Indian share market in the year 1993. It has a record of making many ordinary people into millionaires.

The share has been given Five times bonus, One time split and Twenty times divided to its shareholders. The stock is technically and fundamentally strong to perform well in the near future. This stock gives dividends twice a year. Infosys Limited’s Alpha is high and Beta is low, which means it gives more return in low risks.

Capital InvestmentYearShare PriceShare QtyBonus / Split Declare DateDeclareBonus / Split RatioBonus ShareTotal Share
 15,000.0014 January 200095.1315814 January 2000Split 2:1                  315                  473
    13 April 2004Bonus 3:1               1,419               1,892
    14 April 2006Bonus 1:1               1,892               3,784
    10 October 2014Bonus 1:1               3,784               7,569
    24 April 2015Bonus 1:1               7,569             15,137
    13 July 2018Bonus 1:1             15,137             30,274
Bonus Share Declared by Infosys

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