How To Type Fast Article For Your Blog

How To Type Fast Article For Your Blog

How to type articles fast for your blog. It is very important for us to maintain our time according to our schedule. Since many bloggers have found it very difficult to optimize the article according to its content. The search for the keyword to optimize the article according to SEO takes a lot of time. Searching on this area took more time, but how we can write more articles in the span of time.

It is very important to have good SEO with a minimum of 600 words. It is always best that your article should be of more than a thousand words. Hence to write such important and specific articles it takes a lot of time in typing those articles.

To type fast your article, the best app is Google Doc. Which you can also directly go to Google doc URL. Go to tools and select the mike item in your laptop to directly speak. So, it is recommended to download the Google Docs app. With the new doc, a new document file will be created. And at the bottom, there is a mic symbol. Where you can tell order your word to Google docs. It will easily type for you which will help you to reduce your typing time. And make your article faster than actually, it takes a lot of time.

By adopting this type of fast article for your Blog by practicing this you can easily reach a thousand words within a span of minutes. And remember after finishing all just save it and can transfer those files to either WhatsApp web or by your USB cable from the mobile. Copy and paste to your WordPress or blogger post. With the help of your SEO Yoast. You can correct all the grammar and research your keyword and make it a good SEO analysis.

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