How To Join Indian Defense Force

On 26 January 1950 India celebrated its first Republic Day. In terms of removal of the last visible evidence of British rule. It’s become a sovereign Nation the Republic of India. With the strength of approximately 1.4 million active personal, Indian Defense Force has the world’s second largest military force. Having the world largest volunteer Army. India is having over 1.1 billion reserve personnel and 1.3 million paramilitary personal. How to join Indian Defense Force follow the instruction below.

Selection Process and recruitment of Indian Army

It is believe that the Indian Army selection process and recruitment are one of the toughest in the World. Because it’s select solid personnel with strong mind set, who can handle any tough situation bravely. If you believe you are the one who can. Then read the article of it’s selection process and apply online.

10 steps to selection process and recruitment.

1. Check eligibility requirement for recruitment category apply for

  • Minimum Educational Qualifications depends on the job / rule for applying for.
  • Commission type depends on the job / role you are applying for.

2. Optimize relevant documents and Prepare as per given in the website portal.

3. Apply Online Click the Link here.

4. Prepare for The physical as well as Written test.

5. Attend Entrance Exam and Preliminary Interview (example UES candidate).

6. At selection Center Attend Service Selection Board.

7. Attend Medical Examination Board for Health Fitness Check up.

8. Check Merit list after Publication.

9. Post Merit list, Issue of joining letter to selected candidates.

10. Report to relevant training institution on due date. 

For complete details of eligibility, points need to avoid for disqualification, Age limit, Health check up etc. Click Here.

How To Join Indian Defense Force

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