How To Choose Best Keywords For SEO Website Ranking

How to choose best keywords for website ranking

This article is basically for the beginner to understand the basic things involved in searching for the perfect keyword. How To Choose Best Keywords For SEO Website Ranking. A keyword for your website or YouTube channel will basically help the audience to reach out to your article or video to become your subscribers. Unless and until there are no views or visitors on your article or video, it is impossible to rank your website or videos in this world of huge competition among billions.

Choose Best Keyword for SEO Website Ranking

SEO (Search engine optimization) is like a librarian, who will search your book according to Niche and subject keyword. Choose Best Keyword for SEO Website Ranking. We need to understand the algorithm of Google, Bing (Microsoft), Yahoo, etc searching pattern. Keywords are the lifeline of your online hard work. Its works like manure in the soil for the farmer to reap more fruits and vegetables.

A correct and perfect keyword will help your online business to succeed. Let’s see the types of keywords given below.

1. Short tail keyword: Keywords that basically consist of less the two words. For example Drive Car. This keyword is not suitable for beginners, to get rank, it is for that website who already had rank their website.

2. Medium tail keyword: Keywords that basically consist of less the four-word. For example: How to drive a car. This keyword also not suitable for beginners, to get rank, it is for those who already started a blog 6 months earlier or more who are working to get more rank.

3. Long-tail keyword: Keywords that basically consist of less the twelve words. For example: How to drive a car confidently on the national highway. These keywords are suitable for beginners, to get rank more easily than first 2 points. So it is highly recommended to choose a long-tail keywords.

So, these are the basic way to understand the types of keywords. Now we will see the kinds of keywords and how they will use in general terms.

1. Latent semantic indexing (LSI): is a system search engines use to analyze the other words people use surrounding a given topic. LSI keywords are words and phrases with a high degree of correlation to your target topic. Google’s algorithm uses them to help determine the content quality and relevance to the search term. For these just type your keyword in Google search engine, Google will show many other ways of SEO keywords search by people around the world, by which you can understand and pick up keywords.

2. Seasonal Keyword: is the keyword which was used for the specific time and period,  like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Gurunanak, Good Friday, Easter, or like Exam, T20 match, IPL, Football world cup, etc. This means this keyword will boost your website ranking during the season only.

3. Trending Keyword: is the keyword, which is a trending topic around the world according to location wise. You need to search those trending in Google trends. Like today’s trends are coronavirus, COVID-19, Sushant Singh Rajput, etc. This keyword will boost your website for that particular period only. These keywords mainly use for a news website.

4. Buyer Keyword : This keyword mainly use for product review, about its feature and price. Like “Buy 1 TB laptop under $500 in US”.

5. Navigational keyword: This keyword basically used to navigate the location nearby. Such as we search “ATM nearby me”, “Restaurant near me” etc. This keyword mainly uses by Justdial, Amazon, Olx, Sulekha, etc.

6. Geo Targeted Keyword: This keyword mainly used to target any location from your location. For example you are selling product from India but would like US nationals to buy your product. Like “Buy 1 TB laptop under $500 in US”.

7. Transaction Keyword: These keywords target on payment transaction like online payment or offline payment.

Hence, Choose the Best Keywords For SEO Website Ranking. Hope this article has helped you understand about different types and kinds of the keyword. If you like it please do share this link with your dear one who is a beginner and wants to learn more about keyword.2.

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