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Linking World is a blog related to link your ideas to grow, and was founded by Sayantan Dey in May 2013. This site will acquaint you with various source of ideas to generate income and grow with positive personality. You can find post familiar with categories like source of income and self development. The main motto of this website is to spread more and more knowledge related to create your own opportunities.

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Sayantan Dey

He is a part time blogger and has completed his Bachelor in Commerce, Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work. Highly interested in stuff related to research in creating new opportunities according to market situation. As life not always smooth as we would like to be. An adverse situation can arise at anytime with anyone can depress them under odd time. Life is all about uncertainties but not for the solver. Problem always be with you, but multiple solution must be in your hand. He also loves to help people by spreading knowledge through ideas of creating their self opportunities through Linking World . According to their ability and knowledge. You can find him on Facebook PageLinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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